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Martina and Sergio got to know each other on Meet Simply and realized they were meant for each other: “It was amazing. It never happened to me before to meet someone I could click with so easily, and I couldn't believe it at first when I started realizing that I was falling in love with this girl who was countries away! Everything was so easy with Martina and I immediately knew the only logical next step was to move to her country and get to know her in person. I was so glad she was happy with the idea when I told her. And now we live together, I have a job here, and we're engaged!"

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dating mobile apps are a polyamorist's best friend

There is no easy way to end a debate about open relationships, with opinions ranging from calling polyamory the future's norm, to downright deeming the people involved in them cheaters. No need to expand the conversation even more, but instead look on the bright side of things. Mobile dating ups are one of the best props out there for couples who don't abide by the classic monogamy scheme. First of all, thanks to the ever-evolving dating algorithms that dating apps are based on, it is now increasingly easier for one to meet like-minded people and eventually find a good match. In all fairness, if there could be one credo to describe dating algorithms, it would be “different strokes for different folks.” Match-making machines don't judge, and what's more, they are bound to bring together people with any and all sorts of preferences. Dating apps will benefit those who opt for open relationships on the long term too. One of the best thing about using a dating app is that the relative anonymity it allows, will also make it easier for people to admit to their non-mainstream ways. The more people in open relationships will create dating profiles stating their status, the less stigmatized polyamory will become. Is that a good thing? We'll say. On the long run, dating apps are contributing to the creation of a new dating etiquette, where we can openly discuss about our do-s and don't-s in the dating department. Ultimately, the aim is for each to enjoy love however they please and to harm none – it's a nice concept and in this sense apps are giving us a glimpse of a better love life.

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What dating apps are doing better than face-to-face dates

If you're one to bemoan the death of romantic love in the face of dating apps, let's just pause right there for a second. Are love stories today similar to Romeo and Juliet's? Probably not. Now, about that, the ending alone doesn't really help the argument that favors love like theirs. But we won't even go there. Instead, we took on a more pragmatic endeavor and thought of several great things mobile dating apps can do for our love lives. Most notably, thanks to dating apps, finding a partner is not a bullet in the dark any longer. Gone are the days when the only option of finding a matched partner was wandering from bars to clubs, to bars again or seeking incessantly within your friends' circles. Having an active profile on a dating app is the equivalent of always being in a crowd, with the added benefit that every person in that crowd is at least slightly interested in finding a romantic partner. What's more, the pool of people you can find a match in is not a random one, or at the least, not as random as the pool you get to choose from with the occasional pick-ups. Dating apps allow you to state what you are looking for, and apps will also filter your potential matches by distance and age. That's great news seeing how the number of dating up users is constantly growing, so your options can be indeed vast. Perhaps if Romeo and Juliet had had a dating app to show them the vast number of possible partners in their age group

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The myth of the dateless professional

Talks about the work-life balance are bound to give a great portion of young professionals a headache. There are some professions, such as the liberal and creative ones to name but a few categories, where work occupies up to 18 hours of one day. Dating is hard to even think of under these circumstances, and the work environment presents itself with very narrow perspectives of meeting a romantic partner. Somehow, everyone seems to be already married, an event which you figure it must have occurred in a time vortex with the amount of hours they're putting in. That time vortex where we can all take some time off and focus on soul- and love-searching activities is long overdue, but there is a more at-hand medium for that: online dating sites. Looking for a love partner online comes with a multitude of benefits. And if you're an early-career professional there's one argument that will immediately make you tick: it saves time. With the many options on the market for online dating, everything became incredibly easy. Setting up a profile is in some cases only a matter of seconds, not to mention screening can be done with as little as a swipe. And most importantly, enough people are into it, so the probability of finding a suitable match online is quite large. And seeing how the number of dating websites and apps is on the rise, the trend can only be looked at as a breath of fresh air for those of us who don't get to actually

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Setting up a profile and looking for a romantic partner is only the beginning of the online dating experience. While finding a great match online is definitely a stepping stone in building a relationship, the online experience of dating doesn't stop after the first face-to-face encounter. Many potential or newly formed couples are continuing their courtship on the Internet. Thus, the definition of dating and its practices is in shift. If up to only a few years ago it involved going to dinner, movies and late coffees, now dating practices extend to online interactions too. For one, let's think of platforms such as the Facebook chat and Twitter. Websites like these are no longer unconventional places for flirty conversations and pick-up tactics. Although not specifically designed for online dating, chats and texting services do contribute a lot to taking a relationship to a further level. One of the most important perks of online courtship how easily a great number of sites that can accommodate flirty conversations. The fact that people no longer have to wait for face-to-face dates in order to chat each other up is in itself a great asset. Besides making for a nice warm-up ahead of the physical date, online flirting is also an effective way to date. Rather than spending days, even weeks, on getting to slowly know a possible partner with face-to-face dates, chats are an economical gate for people to learn a few basic info about one another. While online chats are evidently not a substitute for physical intimacy, they are great aids to the dating lovey-dovey online daters.

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