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The myth of the dateless professional

Talks about the work-life balance are bound to give a great portion of young professionals a headache. There are some professions, such as the liberal and creative ones to name but a few categories, where work occupies up to 18 hours of one day. Dating is hard to even think of under these circumstances, and the work environment presents itself with very narrow perspectives of meeting a romantic partner. Somehow, everyone seems to be already married, an event which you figure it must have occurred in a time vortex with the amount of hours they're putting in. That time vortex where we can all take some time off and focus on soul- and love-searching activities is long overdue, but there is a more at-hand medium for that: online dating sites. Looking for a love partner online comes with a multitude of benefits. And if you're an early-career professional there's one argument that will immediately make you tick: it saves time. With the many options on the market for online dating, everything became incredibly easy. Setting up a profile is in some cases only a matter of seconds, not to mention screening can be done with as little as a swipe. And most importantly, enough people are into it, so the probability of finding a suitable match online is quite large. And seeing how the number of dating websites and apps is on the rise, the trend can only be looked at as a breath of fresh air for those of us who don't get to actually

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