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Dating advice

Have you just created a free account with Meet Simply? Great! You'll need a couple of dating advices. First, go back to your profile and add a picture of yourself. Make sure it's recent and good quality. Use one where you smile, laugh or do something funny! It will help you receive many compliments and relationship requests. Besides a profile photo, add a couple more pics that emphasize your personal appeal and fashion style. The majority of dating advices recommend the following: don't wait till someone contacts you. Another golden rule to keep in mind: if you like someone, be bold and make the first step. Also, be as honest as possible. That means not lying about your age, height, weight and so on. But don't give out personal info such as your telephone number or home address, unless you've known the guy or girl for a while. According to many dating advices, having a positive, fun and lively profile wins you major points with potential partners. Share your hobbies and other things you think would make your profile attractive!

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