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Dating profiles

Getting a sense of what makes some dating profiles better than others can be a real challenge for everyone. Meet Simply is a great place to learn how to make your dating profiles shine. We looked for the elements that the most successful dating profiles have in common. After checking out page after page, one handsome guy at a time, and bundles of awesome girls, we can finally say it: we've got it! And so, we laid out three traits that the best dating profiles share. Yes, it's that simple! First of all, some of the most attractive dating profiles have lots of relevant keywords. The better these describe you, the higher your chances to find a good match are. Next, don't forget that humor is key to first impressions. Let a few light jokes slip into your dating profile description -- most people like easygoing partners. And last, don't oversell it, keep in mind that honesty and humility are the best way to a stellar dating profile.

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