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# Love

Setting up a profile and looking for a romantic partner is only the beginning of the online dating experience. While finding a great match online is definitely a stepping stone in building a relationship, the online experience of dating doesn't stop after the first face-to-face encounter. Many potential or newly formed couples are continuing their courtship on the Internet. Thus, the definition of dating and its practices is in shift. If up to only a few years ago it involved going to dinner, movies and late coffees, now dating practices extend to online interactions too. For one, let's think of platforms such as the Facebook chat and Twitter. Websites like these are no longer unconventional places for flirty conversations and pick-up tactics. Although not specifically designed for online dating, chats and texting services do contribute a lot to taking a relationship to a further level. One of the most important perks of online courtship how easily a great number of sites that can accommodate flirty conversations. The fact that people no longer have to wait for face-to-face dates in order to chat each other up is in itself a great asset. Besides making for a nice warm-up ahead of the physical date, online flirting is also an effective way to date. Rather than spending days, even weeks, on getting to slowly know a possible partner with face-to-face dates, chats are an economical gate for people to learn a few basic info about one another. While online chats are evidently not a substitute for physical intimacy, they are great aids to the dating lovey-dovey online daters.

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