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Mark (27) and Olivia (24)

Mark and Olivia first met last year on Meet Simply. He wasn't necessarily into online dating, but a friend of his recommended the website. Mark decided to give it a go and after one week of talking to various women, he got to know Olivia.

Lauren (30) and John (30)

Lauren had tried online dating before, but she wasn't that successful. There were a couple of flirts here and there with various men, but it all eventually ended. She grew less than impressed with the whole online dating business.

Daniel (40) and Dani (30)

Daniel shared his story with us and we wanted to share it with you guys, too. “I'd been online dating for years without much luck. Sure, I'd been with a few women I'd met online, but they were more of a fling than anything else. I grew tired of that and wanted a serious relationship. Dani was my gift sent from heaven via Meet Simply.

Brandon (35) and Monica (31)

Both Monica and Brandon were already fans of online dating before they actually met one another on our website. They'd been with other people via different dating sites and experiences were mostly positive.

Melissa (29) and Sergey (26)

Meet Simply gives you a chance at real love, no matter where you're from. Today's success story comes from Melissa and Sergey. This young couple got to know one another not too long ago. And yet, they seem to be very happy together.