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If you're one to bemoan the death of romantic love in the face of dating apps, let's just pause right there for a second. Are love stories today similar to Romeo and Juliet's? Probably not. Now, about that, the ending alone doesn't really help the argument that favors love like theirs. But we won't even go there. Instead, we took on a more pragmatic endeavor and thought of several great things mobile dating apps can do for our love lives. Most notably, thanks to dating apps, finding a partner is not a bullet in the dark any longer. Gone are the days when the only option of finding a matched partner was wandering from bars to clubs, to bars again or seeking incessantly within your friends' circles. Having an active profile on a dating app is the equivalent of always being in a crowd, with the added benefit that every person in that crowd is at least slightly interested in finding a romantic partner. What's more, the pool of people you can find a match in is not a random one, or at the least, not as random as the pool you get to choose from with the occasional pick-ups. Dating apps allow you to state what you are looking for, and apps will also filter your potential matches by distance and age. That's great news seeing how the number of dating up users is constantly growing, so your options can be indeed vast. Perhaps if Romeo and Juliet had had a dating app to show them the vast number of possible partners in their age group

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