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Why dating mobile apps are a polyamorist best friend

There is no easy way to end a debate about open relationships, with opinions ranging from calling polyamory the future's norm, to downright deeming the people involved in them cheaters. No need to expand the conversation even more, but instead look on the bright side of things. Mobile dating ups are one of the best props out there for couples who don't abide by the classic monogamy scheme. First of all, thanks to the ever-evolving dating algorithms that dating apps are based on, it is now increasingly easier for one to meet like-minded people and eventually find a good match. In all fairness, if there could be one credo to describe dating algorithms, it would be “different strokes for different folks.” Match-making machines don't judge, and what's more, they are bound to bring together people with any and all sorts of preferences. Dating apps will benefit those who opt for open relationships on the long term too. One of the best thing about using a dating app is that the relative anonymity it allows, will also make it easier for people to admit to their non-mainstream ways. The more people in open relationships will create dating profiles stating their status, the less stigmatized polyamory will become. Is that a good thing? We'll say. On the long run, dating apps are contributing to the creation of a new dating etiquette, where we can openly discuss about our do-s and don't-s in the dating department. Ultimately, the aim is for each to enjoy love however they please and to harm none – it's a nice concept and in this sense apps are giving us a glimpse of a better love life.

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